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We are an all-volunteer group and dedicated to community, military, and heritage.  This is accomplished through  music education and outreach.  

Public and private sponsorships are welcome.  We have been fortunate to have several donations of instruments and uniforms.  However, the need for public support is great to supply the resources to advance and continue our growth and educational pursuits.






If you or your business would

like to become a member,

make a donation or become
a sponsor, please contact us. 


How do I join?
Talk with a member; contact any of our Board Members, call us, or send us an email.

Do I need to play an instrument?
No  - Previous experience is not necessary.  If you don’t want to play an instrument, there is also the Honor / Color Guard.


Are there other ways of participating?
Yes  -  You are welcome to join us as marching members or as support staff. We also need support members to work on fundraising.

What do I need to buy?
The Corps furnishes the Uniforms, horns, drums, etc., to the extent of our resources.  Members may also use any instrument they might already have of their own.

How hard is it to learn an instrument?
If a person is serious about learning and can dedicate 30 minutes a day for practice you should be able to play tunes within several months.



It's easy. Anyone ages 13 and up, including adults of all ages are welcome to join The Maine Regiment. It is open to anyone who would like to play a horn, a drum, be a part of the color guard, or help with corps activities, instruction, general participation and assistance. 

Members should be able to attend Corps practices and functions on a regular basis.  including any parades, competitions. or other events that the Corps is committed to.

Registration: A Registration Form may be requested from any of our Board Members. The Registration Fee is a one-time fee of $25.00.

Annual Tuition: Currently $100.00 which is paid each year includes the signing out of uniforms and equipment. A payment plan
may be arranged. 

The Maine Regiment All Age Drum & Bugle Corps desires to keep the costs associated with membership very affordable, allowing members to pay a lesser amount out of pocket, with additional effort to raise the majority of the operating costs from donations, fundraisers, and other sources .


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