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History / About Us

Our name, The Maine Regiment, was voted on by members, and was chosen in part to honor our serving military personnel, and to commemorate our veterans of all eras, back through the Civil War era. The Maine Regiment All Age Drum & Bugle Corps is the first in existence in Maine since the mid 1980's.


It also commemorates the legacy of two of the last drum and bugle corps to be active in the State of Maine, namely The 5th Maine Regiment, named after a civil war unit based out on Peaks Island in Casco Bay, where there is currently a civil war museum...and the 20th Maine Regiment from Oakland, Maine.  The 20th Maine had a glorious civil war history and is known because of Colonel Joshua Chamberlain who is cited in many history books.


By building around the military aspect, and also being an All Age Corps members from age 13 and up, including adults of all ages, may participate in local parades and other events, as well as competitive events within the abilities of our resources.  We hope to instill a sense of patriotism, a respect for both our flag and what it means, and the military who fought to preserve the FREEDOM our country is known for.

The 5th Maine Regiment Jr. Drum & Bugle Corps of Portland Maine was founded in the mid 1960's, and originally named The Defenders Jr. Drum & Bugle Corps.  It was incorporated as a "non-profit youth program in 1970. It's purpose was to promote and encourage social opportunities, a high standard of citizenship for youth, and to coordinate and stimulate the interest of youth in music."

About Drum & Bugle Corps

For the first time in over thirty years, a new drum and bugle corps is being formed in Maine.  What was once a dream is now a reality.  A group of interested musicians, and former drum and bugle corps members, has grown into the start of a new Drum & Bugle Corps.  We would like to invite you to reignite an interest you have, or discover one you didn’t know was in you….   We are an all-volunteer group and dedicated to community, military, and heritage.  This is accomplished through  music education, and outreach.  Muscicians in southern Maine, or those willing to travel to the Portland area for practice are welcome.  Positions are available in all sections, including percussion, brass and colr guard.  

Benefits  — This is a great form of therapy, exercise, and recreation for youths and adults. It can build self-esteem, patience, discipline, leadership and showmanship, as well as character, respect, and confidence.  It can help coordination, stage presence, timing, rhythm, concentration, and focus.  Drum & Bugle Corps are a beneficial alternative for those who may not be athletically inclined but would like to be more active and are looking for a different social experience.


Many current corps are part of DCI (Drum Corps International) and perform and/or compete at DCI Shows.

What actually is Drum Corps?

The easiest thing to compare Drum Corps to is to Marching Band. While it’s not a perfect comparison, a Drum Corps generally consists of brass, percussion, color guard members.  Members participate in parades, other events, and competitions with other corps around the country.  As an all-age corps, members are as young as 14 and as old as late 60's / early 70's.  Under the age of 14, members may be eligible to participate in parades and some additional shows or events.  There is no upper age limit.  There are also many people who work behind the scenes helping with paperwork, caring for the equipment, giving instruction on both the instruments and marching protocols.  

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play an instrument?  Do you enjoy the performing arts?  Do you like to play sports and compete?  Drum & Bugle Corps may be for you.  The 'Marching Arts' combine many elements (music, dance, drama, athletics) into one group activity.  It includes percussion (drums), a horn/brass line, and color guard (flags, etc.), and these days it may include dancing, guitar, flute, clarinet, saxophone, baton, etc.  There is a spot for everyone!  Marching and musical instruction can be provided.

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