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Mission Statement

Our mission is to revive, build and support

drum and bugle corps activity in the State of Maine.

Vision Statement

Our global vision is a community of sustainable drum and bugle corps, in the State of Maine.  The corps will be comprised of people who are interested in learning and expanding their knowledge of music and the performing arts. Each corps member will experience the benefits of teamwork and discipline gained through access to music education and marching arts.  Each corps member will embody the principles of respect, responsibility, cooperation, and commitment.  Each corps member will exhibit good citizenship and will have gained a life long appreciation of music.

Membership Invitation

We are always recruiting new members of all ages for the horn line, drum line, and color guard.  We are planning to have a parade corps group this summer and work into competitions / exhibitions by 2021.  The Corps is open to any former or current drum and bugle corps members, band musicians, brass players, percussionists, as well as any musician of any age who would like to share the drum corps experience.  You are invited to joins and audition for positions in all sections. No prior musical experience or knowledge is required

We are also looking for more Board members and additional staff to assist with corps operations and fundraisers.

Community is a major component to our goals. We want to provide both youth and adults with the same opportunity we had that provided a great impact on our lives.  It taught structure, how to work together, and was active in the community through participation in parades, festivals, and more.  When you are a part of a team and work well together you develop a passion and self confidence that can help to shape your life and provide a sense of pride. 

Below are photos of the original Defenders / 5th Maine Regiment

showing how the uniforms, etc., changed over time.

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